Szydera is a Battlefield 2 machinima (i.e. movie based on game engine) that I’ve created with great help from people of team enclave and #SOF# clans and many other Polish players. The first idea was to prepare something funny about people who were playing Battlefield 2 in a different way (very different way). That’s how volume one was made (you can find it at my YouTube channel).

Second volume grew into a trilogy telling story of four players: John Tough, Little Froggie, Dumb&niko and Bączek Leśny who first try to avoid pr0s at all cost but next they attempt to take control over Battlefield 2 servers with help of mysterious character sent from the future.

You can find all three episodes of this action comedy below (embed and download – polish language only, I’m afraid). First one is rather amateur but second is quite decent quality and a third… That is something I’m personally proud of.

Episode I – No Hope

Download (91 MB) or watch:

Episode II – The Rising

Download (201 MB) or watch:

Episode III – Revolutions

Download (493 MB) or watch:


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