About Me

Well, I suppose that this is the right place to write a few words about myself. It’s not my favourite thing to do but I’d really like to make life easier for those willing to find out something about me.

Well then… My name is Paweł Podsiadło. I’m 30 years old (this information will most likely change in the future) guy (and this one rather won’t) living in Poland. I don’t smile for no reason (neither get angry without one) but I have no problem with laughing when something’s funny. That makes me serious person most of the time and sometimes (sometimes) insane. I like to use parenthesis (you’ve probably noticed at this point) and my sense of humour is ironic and sarcastic for most of the time.

I’m interested with many things but I don’t want to bore people to the death with films, music or books I enjoy (at least for now). Let me just say that I like to play guitar (was singing/screaming in high school rock band but happily avoiding that ever since). If you’re interested with what I’ve been up to for the last couple years you can read not-that-short summary I’ve prepared below.

Software Development

Yes, that’s how I make a living. Boring? Not at all! At least not in the company like Future Processing which gives completely new meaning to the word different. I worked there as a Senior Software Engineer developing software for leading reward and flexible benefits software company in UK (codenamed: the client). Each day I was coding with ASP.NET (VB unfortunately) JavaScript and CSS also tried to keep up with other things. Coding was not everything I was doing. I was also managing my little team and learning how to manage IT projects in many aspects. This was sometimes even more complicated than writing thousands lines of code but definitely worth an effort.

Today I work in the same company, for the same client, but now I manage people/project full time instead – I became Team Leader slash Scrum Master. SCRUM, or not to SCRUM, that is the question…


eSport is a word that means a lot to me. Lately I have no time to get back to active playing but I have quite a history with eSport. It all started in late 2005 with Battlefield 2 and clan named team enclave (cheers!). It is a community with a lot of history in Battlefield series. I’ve learned all about teamplay and gaming there. We moved as a team to Red Orchestra and played for some time at the top level. After that I was playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and that was the game I was most successful at. As a hardcore mode team we were the best in Europe.

Still, my favourite game is Battlefield 2 (and it probably will stay that way). That’s why I was playing it all the time with my friends from #SOF# clan (cheers as well!). The other reason is that there was always more than just gaming in Battlefield 2 for me…


My adventure with media started with live IRC commentary based on what I’ve heard on our TeamSpeak. Soon after that I was asked by HEADShot Radio to provide live commentary for Battlefield 2 Polish Championship 2006. After that I was head editor of Battlefield series related Owned.pl section, columnist at eSports.pl and finally broadcaster at BFZone TV providing live audio/video commentary (in both: polish and english) for Battlefield 2 tournaments.

Meanwhile, I’ve directed and produced three parts of Battlefield 2 machinima (movie based on game engine) called Szydera which was a pinnacle of my activity in Battlefield community. You will find it in projects section of this blog. I’m afraid it’s only in polish language but still worth watching even if top of your polish language skills is understanding of kurwa (which is the only word that I’m sure all gamers understand).

Game Development

What can happen when someone is a developer with interest in games? Well, I was interested in games development since I was a kid. Tomb Raider was a game that made me to think about that for the first time. It was in 1996 and I was 10 years old back then. And first time I did something to make it happen was almost 10 years later, when I started to play around with Battlefield 2 Editor to customise game for Szydera movie.

Second time was at the end of my MSc. I was studying Visualisation Methods and have never seen 3ds Max or anything like it. Therefore I decided to learn on my own and finish MSc with dissertation about rendering and animation. Couple months of work in 3ds Max, Mudbox and Visual Studio with XNA resulted in simple but satisfying project named Predator UAV which you can find in projects section. After all, that’s not my final word in this area, I think…


Magic: The Gathering to be specific, is my latest addiction. I started playing it on 8th of November 2014 and loved it ever since. I specialise in building rogue standard decks and limited formats. If you’ll ever be in the Flamberg neighbourhood, step into the battle – we may cross our paths on my way to 3-0.

Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks if you came that far and you’re still alive. Welcome to my blog – I hope you will visit it on a regular basis (and I hope that I will update it on a regular basis). Feel free to leave a comment. Cheers!


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