Dying Light

Taste of whisky with cola. It’s second this evening. Lot’s of ice. Good. Maybe this will make me brave enough to leave safe house and run to The Tower. Night will never end without this and they will not go away. They are hunting. And I’m their prey. Run…

I died. Twice. But I made it finally.

001Dying Light is different than most of zombie games I’ve seen lately. It’s not about shooting them. I rather avoid them or try to outsmart them rather than kill them all. At least when there is more than two in the neighbourhood. Which is most common case. But avoiding them is not that hard.

003The game itself, I’d say, is like middle-east STALKER with zombies. And similarity is not about running around in dangerous environment completing tasks and moving story forward from time to time. It’s also not about sitting on the roof planning your route carefully cause one bad step can kill you. It’s about overwhelming tension. You can feel it in the air. Everything you see, hear and experience is trying to keep you inside of safe zone. I catched myself sitting on the roof and not wanting to jump down at all. And it justifies all the side quests. I wouldn’t go outside even for a damn second if I could pay somebody to do that for me in this city.

004The graphics. I hate to judge games by graphics but I can’t avoid that these days. Just let me say that it looks good and still runs smooth on my machine. Which isn’t bad in my opinion but is a big piece of crap in the opinion of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developers – I dropped everything to the bottom (which makes last instance of marchendise look like shit) and it was still unplayable. And that’s unaccepcable for me. But Dying Light – it’s totally different and more than decent at this field (screenshots done by me with settings I play with).

002And the music. It’s freaking perfect connection of dark electro with some middle-east chants. Simply perfect for post-apocalytic (or rather post-plague) world of people running for their lives in the city full of zombies. Ambient sounds are creepy on every step and zombies – the sound they make gives me chills all the time.

005And shit gets serious after sunset. It’s when Volatiles emerges. And the hunter becomes the prey. When you have to go outside during night you better get yourself a drink. You’ll need this. Cause you can’t really fight Volatiles. Run – it’s all you can do.

To sum things up. If you like to be scared you better try this one. And I’m pretty proud it has Made in Poland badge on it. Seal of approval.


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