It’s always like you need to start with something. And that something must not be very complicated nor specialised. Imagine startup of  personal blog with very, very complicated math post. Would anyone except queen of science lovers take time to come by another time and see if there is something interesting for them? Nope, no one would. Except of masochists maybe. And maybe they should? Maybe this first post was just a tiny bit of your interests. Or just an introduction to something that you’re really into. Choosing right thing for a start is always hard. Thankfully , I don’t need to choose. I joined blogging101 course and got an assignment.

You can find the answer for who am I and what I do questions visiting About Me page. Informations on that page explains partially why I decided to post publicly instead of keeping personal journal. Part of the posts here (hopefully – most) will be of review/technical kind and it makes no sense in keeping these in the closet at home. I’m also going to post some personal thoughts on matters of any kind, though. So why not keep these in secret? It’s rather simple – I like to speak my mind. And I like to hear others thoughts. And discuss both, yes. That with my interests also defines what kind of people I would like to connect with through blogging.

What I would like to accomplish througout year 2015? Consistency. It’s the only goal I have and I’ll be more than happy with just posting on the regular basis. First step I have taken towards this goal was swaping self-hosted blog to one. One of the reasons of every previous fail was too much care about technical side of blogging. Plugins, themes, domains, server… All of that kept my focus out of posting and it always finished in the same way. And yes, srew perfectionism – shitty first drafts for the win!


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